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update now added more levels


This game is very good! I play it whenever I have some free time on my phone, but it is so fun that I want to keep playing over and over again! Recently, I have updated my phone to 11.0.2 (if that’s the name of the update) and discovered that the game is not compatible with this update. If this game receives its update in the near future, this will remain as one of my top choices.


I bought this game back in 2009 when I was 5 years old and it was the best game ever! I'm really happy I'm able to play this game again and excited to play it

love's it

This game is better than the 2nd Down Hill Bowling game.


This is one of the oldest games on the App Store do you really expect it to be up to par with more recent apps? That's like expecting Pac Man to be equal to Crysis 3. You have the I.Q. of a rock!

Controls are messed up

Whenever I tilt left the ball always goes right and when I tilt right the ball goes left however in downhill bowling 2 it's not messed up so don't get this get downhill bowling 2

Forever to download

I decided to download this game at around 1this afternoon and it has barely been downloaded their Is barley has any blue on it!

Love this -- Universal, please?

This was one of the first games I got when I first bought my old iPhone 3GS. Now it's still a favorite on my 5! Wish you would make a universal version or update -- especially now with the iPad mini.

Fun game

This is an excellent game. I used to play it on the computer and i was very excited to see it on the app store. Totally worth the price


This game is awesome. Very creative and I love how you put 10 pin sets and all the lanes (especially the fire one) and if you are seeking for a creative bowling game your wish is granted! This is the game to play!!!!! BUY IT!

Dh bowling

I'm addicted

The best app ever

12 levels of fun bowling


First FIVE  rating I've ever given an app. Best game app I've bought and used in ages Easy to learn tricky to master. FUN. If you have the free version please buy the full version. It's great. Downhill 2 is for the iPad only. If you have an iPad get this one, but get it. Thanks for your time.

Needs an Update with New Levels

I have had this game for a year. I have never seen one update with new levels from this developer. The game is fun but it's getting old already. Don't forget about us!!! Please update!!!

The game is fun

It is a fun game it is definitely worth buying


This is a very fun game...make new levels

Best app EVAR

I must say most fun since the arcade bowling

More levels

Hope your making some new levels soon ; )

First app i bought off of itunes

But i got it when it was 99€ents :P

Great Game

So much fun because it is almost like you are riding on the ball or driving it. Really enjoy it! Since the Olympics are on, I thought why don't you do a downhill skiing from the same point of view? Most of the games out there, if not all, are making a little person ski or some other stupid way making them dumb games. Just a thought.

Love this game

Love this game. So much fun for such a little price. Started out with the free lite version and had to move up to the full version. Friends have tons of fun playing too. One pal even said she needs to get the Ipod just so she can play this. Nice graphics and interface.


Really cool the best game ever

Makes me dizzy

But I love it. Great fun, like a roller-coaster ride!


Loved free version, but whenever I start a level the game crashed. I love to have known it would crash before paying $3

Great game

It's not about what I want, it's about what's fair! You thought we could be decent men, in an indecent time! Well you were wrong. The world is cruel.

Great but......

Please fix glitch thing on level nine!!! At the very end when you shoot into the bowl shaped mountain thing, sometimes you go right through the wall. Please fix!!!!


so much fun!

Very enjoyable

Very enjoyable & challenging. Each game is short, so it's fun to play while waiting in line somewhere.


A very unique and highly addictive way to bowl!! Not your ordinary bowling game go get it!

Great bowling spin off.

Great innovative game. Fun and addictive. Experienced no crashing problems after restarting my iPhone. Recommended.

Great app

This app is different from any other bowling app and it's really fun

Very fun

Very addicting!

like rolling..........yep this one is for ya !

I love this game, its easy to get the basisc down, gets harder if you really get into the game. still waiting for more levels. nice work dev. team



Get it!

If you are thinking about getting it and have played the lite version just to let you know this versions levels have many more features. I never even play those two levels cause they are too plain

Fun bowling game!!!

This is a really fun bowling game because it has a twist to it. But with twelve levels of fun, it's a great app! I bought this game for a buck and it was definitely worth it. But I'm not sure if I would pay three bucks for it. The graphics are great though and the makers put the accelerometer to a great use and it works great. Definitely an amazing app. 

More features

Please update Roll a ball

Awsome game!!!

Da levels r awsome!!! I like da jumps and da bombs. I think every body shood buy it if ur not a hobo.

Mindless fun

Nothing else to say. I really like it.


Best game ever

1 word...


More levels

Great game love it worth every penny just add more levels and I would bump the price up to $1.99

get it

worth it, one of my best purchases.

Stunt Bowling !

This game is alot of fun. I like the jumps and things the developer threw in to keep thing interesting.

Hardly a bowling game

Thought this might be like Hyper Bowl (for the PC), but no .... this isn't really a bowling game. The pins are there on the course along with other obstacles. There's no pin sound as you hit the pins. Waste of 99c.

Quick Game

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more level

 what's the point?

Yeah the games fun but all the levels are unlocked already and you can't put your name in if you get a high score. Two REALLY stupid mistakes that make me not even want to play. Even though it was just a buck I still regret getting this.


I bought this app for 3.99 and nows it's 0.99 the only things it needs is more harder levels

Love it

I rated it 4 stars because I think it could still be better and 5 stars would be like rating something 10 points. only perfeft best programs should get a 5 imo that said I downloaded the lite version and after 20 minutes decided to buy the full version. this is one of my favorite games at the moment perfect for a quick fast stess breaker. hope to see improvments more levels etc.

Fun, but...

This is a fun game. The additional leveis in the paid version don't add as much as I'd hoped, but the real flaw is that it doesn't appear to save high scores-need to fix that!


Alright, it would be five stars if it wasnt 3.99. Its fun for like 20 minutes, but thats it.

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